UPS Mobile App for iOS and Android

UPS is known to many as the world’s most extensive package delivering company. It offers diversifying service to its customers such as courier express services, logistic services, freight, forwarding services, etc. UPS works and aims at providing its customers with simple and user-friendly facilities. Its services and facilities are spread all over the world.

For making the services user-friendly and increasing its reach to its customers, UPS has UPS Mobile app both for the iOS and Android users. This will prove to be very beneficial for the UPS customers. The app makes way for the users to perform complicated tasks like tracking orders and placing new orders to be achieved just with the click of a finger, thus saving a lot of time. It has made the process of acquiring packaging services reach heights like never before.

UPS Mobile:

The UPS mobile app comes loaded with many useful features. Some of the key features are:

1) Track your packages: It provides the users the scope to track their parcels any time, in any form, at any place. It solves the problem to go to the UPS stores for the status. The UPS tracking mobile feature of the app aids in this process.

To know about the present status, the user has to open the app and provide the InfoNotice number in the relevant field. Another alternative of the InfoNotice number is the Tracking number. But for this purpose, it is very important to have a note of the tracking number. The user can also nickname the parcel for their convenience in the future.

2) Book your package: The users can book their shipment sitting in their homes. The app provides the facility to book the shipment and make the online payment in an easy and convenient manner.

3) Finding the locations: The UPS mobile app provides with another facility for finding the location of post offices. The user has to just switch on their GPRS, and then the app will provide them with all the post offices in the nearby region. It also has the feature of filters. Using filters would provide better results depending on the user’s need.

4) Access UPS my choice: The best feature of this app is the feature of scheduling and controlling the home deliveries. There are many situations when the user is not present in the house at the time of delivery of the package. In such situations, this feature comes in heavy use. In the delivery planner region, we can plan the parcel’s delivery. It gives the summary of the deliveries as well as alerts with the new upcoming deliveries. Another utility of this feature is if the user doesn’t obtain the parcel at a particular address, it can obtain it at any other address.

5) A new feature added to the UPS Application is the Package Car UPS tracking app which would provide the users with the live updates of the delivery. With this app, users could get to know the exact place of their package, i.e., where it is present in real time thus providing security to the user.

In the world of packaging, shipment, and delivery, UPS believes that the UPS Mobile App is a huge breakthrough. You can download this app from App Store and Google Play Store:

For iOS Users:

download from app store

For Android Users:

download from google play store

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